Vimeo is a file-sharing website that does pretty much the same things as Youtube (now belonging to Google), Dailymotion (from France) and Google video (obviously in Mountain View, California).
Everyone of them, though, tries to attract a different audience. Vimeo’s (based in NY) target group has a focus on creative people. Of this community, I particularly like the fair behaviour and the nice and intelligent commenting. So I thought I would upload some of my videos there, from now on. See here if I added your video to my likes.

Posting code online

I think that it is absolutely necessary and beautiful to post one’s code online, especially the code that was used to obtain bigger projects. Therefore, I will be busy posting online quite a bit of code that I recently (or less) wrote. Would be nice to know if you found the code useful, or to see your projects.

I wrote myself, for example, to David Rutten, who has been a good source of understanding for Rhinoscripts. I thanked him for sharing his code.

Barcelona workshop rhinoScript

I am just back to Delft after having visited Barcelona to participate as a Rhino educator to McNeel's Rhinoscript workshop...
The forms of code produced in Barcelona with RhinoScript. DNA double helix

P5 story

July 4: let’s call it my independence day from TU Delft!

You can see the complete presentation used that day, and download the panels. Family (mum and two of her sisters) was also present. Thank you all who could come, and all who were there with their thoughts.

The commission was formed by Henriette Bier, Nimish Biloria and Axel Kilian (technical tutor). Kas Oosterhuis, the mentor of the thesis, was indisposed and could not be present. Altogether the presentation went very well, surely better than the p4, at which I was too sleepy. Probably the shower, or the paced taxi ride (thanks Ilaria!), got me awake. Also, thank you Saba for helping!

Henriette Bier is congratulating after she gave me the degree. Nimish Biloria is on the background.

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Swarm of the agent city

This 2′ video introduces the agent system that swarms to shape the urban network. It is made with Virtools 4.0. Because it is a simulation, as opposed to animation, every time it runs it has a different outcome.

You can have a look at the source code in the Virtools .cmo file.
Use the F1-12 buttons to control. F1, then F2 to play!