Adding motion in RhinoScript

Motion in RhinoScript
Animation made completly in RhinoScript can be easier now. Building motion

Component wall

A wall is usually constructed as an entity that separates an interior from an exterior, leaving the exchange of air and light to the parts called windows...
Envelops should react to their users. And not the opposite. Component wall

Barcelona workshop rhinoScript

I am just back to Delft after having visited Barcelona to participate as a Rhino educator to McNeel's Rhinoscript workshop...
The forms of code produced in Barcelona with RhinoScript. DNA double helix

Sakura, flowers

Our last effort, at teamoptionexplicit, is to generate surfaces/components from a mesh. If you use the script we provide, you can just select a triangular mesh and you'll obtain a lot of petals. Rendered with sky
Generate surfaces and components from the geometry of a mesh. Sakura, flowers

Tree – and lake

A tree made by division and multiplication, on a lake
Construct a tree of surfaces made by divisions and multiplications. The tree

Growing into a crown

Morphogenetic objects. Each generation translates, scales and doubles itself...
Simple morphogenesis: each generation translates, scales and rotate. The crown

Micro – macro

An experiment with cones replication, using a double loop
An experiment with cones replication, using a double loop. Micro-macro skin