Component wall

A wall is usually constructed as an entity that separates an interior from an exterior, leaving the exchange of air and light to the parts called windows. The motivation for this is notably the idea of shelter; that layer of separation between the human skin and the elements.

This little experiment wants to challenge this assumption and proposes a small component that is capable of sensing the presence of people. When someone is close to the wall, the partition become more porous: it allows the outside of the wall to see the interior.

At this time, light and air are allowed to come in. Additionally, this can constitute a manner of showing the presence of inner activities in a public building.

Behind the scenes

Visit adding motion in RhinoScript to learn how to put together a similar animation.

5 Responses to “Component wall”

  • miquel Says:

    Hola soi un estudiante de arquitectura que esta realizando un proyecto donde las paredes se barian segon la presencia de personas estaria muy interesado en esta definicion no se si sera en Grasshopper y sobretodo saber cual es el componente que detecta la presencia de personas….

  • Giulio Says:

    Hello miquel, thanks for your interest. This video was put together some time ago and was made with a (quite long) vbscript. I do not understand Spanish too good – and if I grasp your request, you are asking for a Grasshopper definition which detects people. To my knowledge, such one defitionon isn’t available just yet. Maybe someone will put it together, or I could help you write one. Let me know if I can give you any suggestions. Best.

  • Dima Says:

    Hey Giulio, I just started experimenting with VBScript a few weeks ago, so my knowledge is very limited. My question is , how can you create something responsive and dynamic like the model you posted here (i.e. real time)?

  • Giulio Says:

    Hi Dima – I think that, given enough time and resources, it is possible to construct a real model out of rubber and other plastic materials that, with sensor, could be capable of behaving similarly to the animation in this video. If you are asking if the VBScript which rendered the graphics of this video was in real time, then unfortunatly no: it took several hours to complete the animation. Playing it back, though, takes just a few seconds!

  • Dima Says:

    Thanks Giulio, yeah, I meant the script itself

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