This website is setup as my online suitcase: in this way it can carry itself around the world. You are free to comment on this page and let me know what you think about it. I will reply to your considerations.

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The waves of the website

Processing code:size(72,84);
smooth(); noFill();for(int i=-8; i<88; i=i+4){
for(int j=-8; j<88; j=j+4){

Hey, I thought, why shouldn’t also the graphic of this website come from a script? So, this is it: you can adjust or change the processing code to your needs and make your own waves. All it takes is a working version of processing.

About the engine

This website is happily using WordPress as CMS, is inspired by this theme and uses software by YAPB, ilFilosofo, and others. On the server, it runs (thanks linux) with PHP5 and a mySql database. If you want to know more, you can also try WordPress.


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22 Responses to “Ask/Info”

  • Ryoko Says:

    Hey Giu!
    Congratulations for your website.
    Don’t change it, just improve, add on and GROW!

    I am very happy to be your contemporaries!

  • oladayo Says:

    good guilio, this is nice, good begining dude

  • maarten Says:

    Don’t know if doing the compliments for your work in english, of in het nederlands, oppure in italiano. would like to know if you’re interested in giving a workshop in turin. thnks !

  • giulio Says:

    I got in contact with you by mail.

  • giuseppe fanara Says:

    Complimenti hai montato un giro interessante. Io sono formatore di Rhino di livello 2, sono arqchitetto e vivo a Barcellona. Pero il Grassopher ancora nn l’ho affrontato. Sembra che tocca mettersi…un saluto Giuseppe Fanara

  • STU Says:

    great site, great tutorials. big ups from Los Angeles.

  • Jacques HABABOU Says:

    Hi Giulio,

    i have spent all my day to discover the Grasshopper site and i finish in discovering your’s. Congratulations. It was very interesting and a surprise for me. Good Bye and see you soon !

  • Ivan Vuzem Says:

    Hey Giulio, very nice site! Just wanted to drop a line, since we haven’t heard since my Sept Rhino training.
    Hope you’re doing well.

  • Mabel Miranda Says:

    Dear Giulio
    Congratulations for your works.. !!! I am impressed!!!!

    I heard about your work from a student of you from SETEC engineering. He told me you are an excellent teacher of rhinoscript and grasshopper. Guess what, i am looking for that kind of education…

    So, if I am interested in, what should i do?

  • Giulio Piacentino Says:

    Hi, thanks. I sent you a PM. – Giulio

  • Michael Says:

    Hi Giulio,

    Absolutely loving your grasshopper animation tool!! But one question…

    How did you assign which planet had which material? How would this be done for a large number of geometry?

    Thanks Michael

  • Giulio Piacentino Says:

    Hi Micheal,
    thanks. It’s just list management in Grasshopper. First element to first color, second to second, and so forth. Hope this helps!

  • sinan mansuroglu Says:

    I knew you via Scott Leinweber. I’m an architecture student in Paris and I’m looking forward to control GH via a midi controller.
    Could you help me?

  • Giulio Piacentino Says:

    Hi Sinan,
    I do not have enough knowledge on this field nor have a midi controller to test with, so it will be difficult…
    You could try with Andy Payne’s FireFly, have a look here.
    – Giulio

  • Raj Says:


    I am new to Rhino and grasshopper,. I have been learning GH from the blogs,.. I recently found your render animation component, and was trying to use it in my definition, but having a hard time making it work in my definition,
    Could you please share some knowledge about how to use that component, I would like to mail you my definition, But I didn’t find your email on the site, you can email me to the above email address, that I can reply you with my definition.
    Thanks a lot,..

  • Giulio Piacentino Says:

    Thank you for your mail, Raj! – Giulio

  • Doug Bucci Says:

    Hi Giulio,
    Thank you for making this available….It has been a great weekend playing these definitions. I was wondering if Laplacian features are available to work inside Grasshopper?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    Doug Bucci

  • Giulio Piacentino Says:

    Hi Doug, thank you for your message. I’ll make the icons available in Grasshopper, too, in the next small update.
    – Giulio

  • Matteo Cominetti Says:

    Ciao Giulio, sono uno studente di Ing Edile/Architettura a Bologna (con Alessio Erioli se lo conosci..). Innanzitutto grazie per le utili Tools che hai condiviso, vorrei anche io iniziare a scrivere qualche componente per GH ma diciamo che non riesco a trovare da nessuna parte le definizioni dei vari componenti di Rhino da poter usare in GH… Ho scaricato il Grasshopper SDK ma io speravo di trovare una qualche API più dettagliata, anche perchè i pochi esempi che si trovano sul web non sono affatto aggiornati!
    Hai per caso qualche consiglio da darmi?
    Grazie mille!

  • Ivan Says:

    Hi Giulio!
    After seeing all this impressive work I have only one question: how do you learn all this?! Is it a hobby which takes over you or did you study all the programming, etc. meticulously at Delft?
    I’m curious and eager to learn. Thank you for your work – it’s an inspiration!

  • Giulio Piacentino Says:

    Thank you Ivan,
    I did study at the Hyperbody group in Delft and that was a good time and it introduced me to several concepts, but what also helped me was reading books, for example Mathematical Tools In Computer Graphics With C# Implementations on coding and geometry.
    – Giulio

  • Djordje Trifunovic Says:

    Hi Gulio. I admire your work man, you really are something.

    I need your help regarding the baking script you wrote. I saw you a have 4 of those, but I do not know how to use them. Can you take a look at this topic of mine , to see what do I need:


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