Weaverbird – Topological Mesh Editor

Weaverbird Topological Mesh Editor Weaverbird

Grasshopper tools in C#

grasshopper-naming-intro Tools for baking objects with name, color; making sections, etc. Grasshopper tools

Freeform Rhino workshop, Tilburg

These slides constitute the Rhino day-one (crash) course that was used to teach students at the Fontys Academy of Architecture in Tilburg. They are meant to be for oral presentation and therefore lack the accompanying text. I hope, still, that they might be useful if you need to revise your Rhinoceros skills – or refresh command lists.

Download: pdf slideshowpptx presentation

Barcelona workshop rhinoScript

I am just back to Delft after having visited Barcelona to participate as a Rhino educator to McNeel's Rhinoscript workshop...
The forms of code produced in Barcelona with RhinoScript. DNA double helix