Sakura, flowers

This script takes care of populating a mesh with specific geometry: in this case, a closed NURBS curve. This curve can be topologically modified, and in this case we closed it with a jag to obtain petals. It can be applyed to a variaty of cases, and served as inspiration for the component wall.

Download the source code: Rhino VBScript file sakura.rvb.

“Option Explicit” is a series of scripts developed in collaboration with Ryoko Ikeda that deals with organic, abstract form and contemplates experiments that have been dealt with in aspects like geometry, light and shadows.

The intermediate goal is computationally explore shape creation, using the implementation of VBScripting that is offered inside Rhinoceros 4.0. The more far-seeing goal is to investigate algorithmic relationships among entities that usually surround us and re-establish their creative articulations, to simply allow us to deal with complexity.

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