Interactive landscape tool – behind the scene

Finally, with the release of Processing 1.0, it is possible to run online the Interactive and Landscape Tool as an applet. For this occasion, I thought it would be nice to also open the source code.

Web edition

This release can run in your web browser. It uses P3D as software-simulated three dimensional enviroment.

I suggest you try these commands: 1 (then grab a box with right mouse button), then 2 (try zoom with central wheel) and 3 (orbit by dragging outside of a box), 4, 5 (adjust the sizes of the volumes by dragging the top bar) and 6 (custom views).

If you have problems, try downloading the latest Java or watch the Flash video, instead. Built with Processing.

Processing sketch source code

You can also download the full-screen, desktop (Processing) version that runs quite faster thanks to OpenGL. Processing 1.0 pde file (zipped archive) Interactive Landscape Tool (zip).

Special thanks to Axel Kilian for the help during the design explorer class (beginning of the development), the whole Hyperbody Research Group in TU Delft for feedback and the Processing community.

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  • Gabriel Says:

    Dear Giulio
    I just stumbled on this project, and I have to say that I am quite impressed by the work you’ve been doing. I have been attempting similar things but have not come as far. I would like to get in touch with you – what is the best way?

    great work!

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